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We specialise in the combination of medical aesthetic treatments, anti-ageing medicine, cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics and hair restoration.
Embark with us on a journey to achieve a radiant harmony between your inner worth and what people see from the outside.
Feel your natural beauty come alive.


Debunking Myths &

Maintaining beauty in times of stress
requires a mix of skincare, hair care, and lifestyle tips.

We present you only facts
hand-picked by doctors and experts.

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Our doctor-formulated skin care products are designed to easily maintain a vibrant and younger looking you.

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Our Happy Customers

Our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience with us.

  • Naomi Green, Australia

    After losing 60kg I has a lot of body areas I was disappointed with. After considering cosmetic surgery for a year, I took the plunge and booked into Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. They understood exactly what I wanted and the results were better than expected. As international patient the service was outstanding. I would recommend BWMC to anyone.
  • Renee Thornton, Australia

    I remember waking up and running my hand down where my awful stomach used to be and it was gone. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and can only wonder why waited so long.
  • Xia Xue, Singaporean Blogger & TV Personality

    I was in a warm state of bliss and I found that being on the sedative was like lucid dreaming. I know this post is supposed to be about the eyes and I know you want to see the end results but omg seriously the surgery process was just so enjoyable. It was a difficult surgery to do because the China doctor's old threads were still in my eyes and he had to remove them. I felt absolutely zero pain around my eyes. They were the tiniest bit sore but it was nothing.
  • Sarah Lian, International Actress

    I can confidently vouch for my experience and how Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre looks at beauty from a different perspective.
  • Amanda Imani, Recording​ Artist & Songwriter

    I am not promoting medical aesthetics, nor am I saying everyone needs it. I believe everyone has a right to make a decision for themselves and for their body. If you are uncomfortable with a specific feature you have, and you are open to the thought of cosmetic procedures, then by all means. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy. I opted for some procedures for the lower half of my face, under-eye and nose to enhance my natural facial features. So far I’ve been enjoying my V-line jaw, enhanced nose profile and my not-so-visible eye bags.
  • The Jessicat, Lifestyle Blogger

    I don’t want my skin to look fine only in photographs. What about real life? Don’t wait as long as I did, the sooner the better as newer scars heal better than older, more permanent scars.

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