5 Rawatan Setiap Bulan, 1 Harga Tetap

5 Rawatan Setiap Bulan,
1 Harga Tetap

Mesin Kami

Q-Switched & Pico Laser
(Menghilangkan Pigmentasi )

  1. Menggunakan denyutan ultra-pendek yang bertahan satu trilion sesaat untuk penyasaran yang tepat.
  2. Menggunakan kesan fotomekanikal untuk memecahkan pigmen kepada zarah-zarah kecil.
  3. Menawarkan dua panjang gelombang yang berkesan untuk kedua-dua aplikasi cetak.
  4. Mempunyai alat tangan pecahan yang membahagikan pancaran laser kepada pancaran mikro untuk ketepatan.
  5.  Menggabungkan Teknologi Optik Adaptif untuk pengagihan tenaga yang seragam.

Laser Co2
(Menghilangkan Parut)

  1. Memancarkan pancaran inframerah dengan panjang gelombang 10,600 nanometer.
  2. Menggunakan teknologi pengimbasan dan pecahan untuk kawalan yang tepat.
  3. Dilengkapi dengan sistem terkawal komputer untuk penyasaran yang tepat dan kedalaman penyingkiran tisu.
  4. Termasuk mekanisme penyejukan seperti udara terbina dalam atau sistem cryogen.
  5. Boleh diprogramkan untuk menghantar denyutan dalam tempoh yang berbeza.

Mikrodermabrasi Oksigen
(Rawatan Wajah)

  1. Teknologi TriPollar adalah gabungan pengelupasan, pengoksigenan dan infusi dalam satu peranti, menawarkan penyelesaian penjagaan kulit yang lengkap dalam satu sesi.
  2. Oksigenasi semulajadi di mana meningkatkan kesihatan kulit dengan meningkatkan paras oksigen secara semulajadi dari dalam, menggalakkan kulit yang lebih sihat dan bermaya.
  3. Penetapan untuk menghantar denyutan dalam tempoh yang berbeza-beza.
  4. Membolehkan penyerapan serum yang bersesuaian semasa rawatan.
  5. Menawarkan prosedur bukan invasif yang sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit.

Hyaluronic Acid
(Suntikan Penghidratan Muka)

  1. Menggunakan teknologi suntikan mikro dengan jarum halus atau jarum mikro.
  2. Mengandungi asid hyaluronik untuk pengekalan kelembapan.
  3. Menggunakan teknologi silang silang untuk kesan penghidratan yang berpanjangan.
  4. Menggabungkan sistem penghantaran lanjutan untuk suntikan yang optimum dan keselesaan pesakit.
  5. Menawarkan formulasi yang boleh disesuaikan untuk pelbagai jenis kulit dan kebimbangan.

LED Infusi Hidrogen
(Pemutihan Gigi)

  1. Menggunakan gel hidrogen peroksida atau karbamid peroxides untuk membuang kekotoran
  2. Menggunakan pengaktifan lampu LED atau halogen untuk meningkatkan keberkesanan gel.
  3. Mempunyai jalur pemutihan moden dengan lekatan yang lebih baik untuk pemutihan yang sekata.
  4. Menggunakan pengimejan digital lanjutan untuk penilaian warna yang tepat dan penjejakan kemajuan.
  5. Menggabungkan sumber cahaya bertenaga tinggi untuk pengaktifan gel yang kesan , yang membawa kepada hasil yang lebih baik.

Langkah-langkah Kami

Pembersihan muka mendalam yang dipersonalisasi untuk menangani jenis kulit dan kebimbangan khusus anda

Alami kuasa transformasi teknologi PICO, membentu pelbagai masalah kulit. Membantu mengurangkan pigmentasi degil, hasilkan tona kulit halus dan lebih berseri

Rawatan Laser Parut memudarkan parut secara beransur-ansur, memulihkan tekstur kulit yang lebih licin. Ia juga menguatkan penghalang lembapan kulit, melindungi daripada tekanan luaran, dan menjaga keseimbangan pH kulit, memberikan kecerahan dan keupayaan tahanan yang lebih baik

Dapatkan kulit yang berseri dengan Suntikan Penghidratan Wajah, yang memulihkan kelembapan dan meningkatkan tekstur kulit, menjadikan anda lebih berseri.

Membersihkan kotoran dan bakteria, tingkatkan kebersihan gigi dan keyakinan senyuman anda. Kurangkan plak dan karang gigi, meningkatkan kesihatan gusi, kurangkan risiko penyakit gusi

Keputusan kami

Faedah Ahli Beverly Beauty Bundle

Contoh Harga

Kenali Pakar Kami

Dr Wong Chee Hin
Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM, AARAM, US)
Dip. Dermatology (DPCD, IOD, BKK)

Dr Syed Abdul Hannan Alsagoff
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Dr Hannah Goh
MD ( USM),

Dr Elaine Chong


Dr Wong Chee Hin
Dip. Aesthetic Medicine
Dip. Dermatology (DPCD, IOD, BKK)

Dr Syed Abdul Hannan Alsafoff
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Dr Hannah Goh
MD ( USM),

Dr Elaine Chong


Mengapa Memilih Beverly Clinic?

Review Kami

Beverly Wilshire Aesthetic Clinic PJ, 3 Damansara Mall

4.9Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 92 Google reviews

2 months ago

I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon this exceptional team and clinic. Dr. Wong's remarkable skill and genuineness have left me in awe. Unlike the common fear of drastic changes post-treatment, my experience with Dr. Wong has been nothing short of transformative yet natural. My friends, family, and I who have went to Dr. Wong, all witnessed a significant enhancement in our appearance. I’ve done a combination of skin boosters, HIFU, botox, fillers etc. So happy that my look is rejuvenated, truthfully, i feel fresher and more youthful!! Admittedly, maintaining these results required lots of patience and dedication, but every effort has been undeniably worth it. A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Wong, Jacqueline, and the entire team for their exceptional care and expertise. Highly recommend this team for anyone seeking aesthetic enhancement.

Sara Glaser
4 months ago

Lovely team of staff who were extremely warm and friendly welcoming to the office for my very first visit. The doctor and his team were attentive and caring helping with all my skincare needs. I will be back. Thanks again!

Sherine YBCheng
6 months ago

Dr Wong is a careful doctor ,this is why i hv followed him for so many years

X Y Chow
6 months ago

Doctor and staff are very attentive. Clinic is bright, clean and hygienic. Highly recommend!

JX Gan
7 months ago

Dr Wong is very professional and all staff are friendly as well. Will definitely come back for second treatment

Ann Aw Yeong
8 months ago

I had my laser treatment at here, and I'm thrilled with the results! Dr. Wong he is friendly and professional, the procedure was effective and my skin looks fantastic now. Highly recommend their service.

Done by Thermage here twice by Dr Wong CH. He is good and gentle ❤️

9 months ago

Excellent service from the nurses and ladies at the reception. Dr Wong is professional and knowledgeabl. Thumbs up to the team here.

Evelyn Chan
4 years ago

Dr Wong was excellent, very knowledgeable and very professional with his work. Dr. Wong always answers my long list of questions, and makes me feel well cared for. They have a great selection of treatments to choose in their clinic. The staff is eager to help and they are always attentive to your needs and special thanks to Jacqueline who are always making me feel comfortable and relaxed. highly recommend you stop by and check them out! I would definitely be back.

Did nose thread in the clinic and the result was so amazing! Dr. Wong was very passionate in his craft and explained and did what’s best for me to my likings without being pushy at all. It was done tenderly with little to no pain. 100% satisfied! Will definitely come back to do my face lift!

Jovfyln Tan
a year ago

Dr Wong is a very skillful doctor. Really happy with the Mint Lift results! So natural with minimal discomfort, highly recommended to all who wants to have a younger look with instant result.

Shwu Shyan
4 years ago

I have a great experience here. They give an excellent service. I am a student and come here to do facial treatments (chemicals peels) and have a great result , price wise are reasonable. Do consult with Doctor Wong and Mrs. Jacqueline they give great advice of how to take care of my skin and recommendations of treatment to treat my acne prone skin. They do provide other esthetic service too which you can consult with Doctor Wong.

deb lee
a year ago

Dr Wong Chee Hin is a very knowledgeable and professional about his works. Really helped me look younger on my face and eyes areas with filler. I would highly recommend Dr Wong . 👍👍👍👍👍

Farhan Jasmi
a year ago

Bought frezyderm sunscreen at this place, the best sunscreen so far, i had mine and keep buying it after finishing my bottle. Non-sticky, non-oily but velvety texture. Even if i put it on my sunburn area, it soothes the skin and makes it less burned. Waterproof and long-lasting. Recommend!

Jade Ng
4 years ago

Highly Recommended!!!!!! I met Dr. Wong 6 years ago for facial maintenance and he delivered it well and 2 weeks ago he did happy lift on my saggy face and i m very grateful for the end result today. Special thanks to Jacqueline who r always warm and patient😊 and thanks to all the front line staff for making me feel comfortable for every visits. Thank u Dr. Wong for building my confidence again.

I want to commend Beverly Wilshire for being a truly professional clinic. Dr. Wong and Ms. Jackie are extraordinarily meticulous and very careful in their care towards their patients. They always ensure that each patient is taken care of as soon as they walk in through the door. I have had a few skin treatments at BW and I must say that I highly recommend Dr. Wong. Congratulations!

Sally Loh
a year ago

I love Dr. Wong’s perspective and definition of beauty. All the staff are friendly and professional, they make sure you are comfortable throughout any treatment. Highly recommended!

Caroline Kok
a year ago

I did my Aptos HA thread lifting and rejuvenation with Beverly Wilshire PJ. I like the result is fantastic after anesthesia no pain and the recovery is very fast after the procedure I can straight go to work.

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