A familiar face at Beverly Wilshire Clinic, located at Tropicana City Mall, Dr. Wong Chee Hin speaks to us about his work, life and some little things that tickle his fancy.

Dr. Wong, share with us how and when did your interest in Aesthetic beauty develop?

I started off as a family physician and was seeing quite a number of skin related diseases and conditions then.  Upon upgrading my knowledge in the field of dermatology I was exposed to the field of Aesthetic medicine and was captivated by it. In this field of Aesthetics, being able to make someone feel more self-assured, confident and happy through enhancement of a person’s appearance with non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures is really satisfying and gratifying.

How has the beauty industry changed since you started?

Beauty has always been important to human culture; thousands of years ago, people were already doing what they could to look their best. Being in this industry for about 10 years, aesthetic clients today are getting younger and there are more men coming in for treatments nowadays. Another trend is that the treatment cost of aesthetic procedure has gone down due to the availability of such services in the country. Beauty influence has also moved from magazines to social digital media eg. Bloggers , YouTubers and Instagrammers .

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?

Being able to have a good work-life balance despite a busy work schedule where health and family are always a priority. As for career wise, I feel that no matter how much you have achieved, there is still so much more to accomplish.

How do you de-stress?

I usually de-stress through exercise with a game of badminton or jogging. Listening to my favorite music and songs and watching a nice comedy movie also help to reduce stress.

In your opinion, what’s woman’s most powerful asset?

A woman appearance and intelligence is their most powerful asset.  Of course this will be complemented with their character and attitude.

Favourite place to travel or that you would love to explore?

I have always loved travelling. To me travelling is to get away from my “normal” life, being able to experience other cultures, to see and experience things I’ve only read about or watch on TV. There is just too much in the world to be explored. My ideal life will be working for 2 weeks and holidaying for the other 2 weeks of the month. The top of my travel bucket list will be South America, Antarctica cruise and Mediterranean countries.

So if you weren’t an aesthetic doctor, you would be ….

Never thought about it actually, maybe a chef … (I enjoy good food )

Favourite ice cream flavor


Favorite food

Seafood , satay and durians.

Three things you can’t leave home without.

Cash , handphone and a good attitude.

Dr. Wong is based at Beverly Wilshire Clinic and available at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Book an appointment with Dr. Wong or visit the other professionals today.

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