Almost every woman after breast augmentation is most thrilled when faced with the prospect of wardrobe shopping to complement their new body shape. It’s a breakthrough feeling when you’re finally able to choose clothes with styles and cuttings you’ve been daydreaming about or hadn’t had the courage to flaunt it. It’s time to fill out those clothing with confidence but before you even step into the store, we’d bet that you’ll be challenged with many questions regarding your new bust line. What’s going to look good on you? Where should you start? What sizes would suit you? Here are our top four tips for putting your best cleavage forward.

  1. Say bye-bye to old bras

You may have sweet sorrow partings with your old bras especially your favourite ones but once you’re released from your bandages and allowed to wear a bra again, you’ll need to consider comfort and support besides aesthetics for your new breast size and shape. This calls for a professional bra fitting session which you should reward yourself; after all, your main aim after a breast augmentation procedure is to achieve a flattering image of your new curves. During your new bra shopping venture, you should look out for bras with cups that are specially designed to accommodate larger, augmented breasts and take the time to try on different styles because a variety could suit your breasts. However, you should take precaution deciding on underwire bras because wearing it too soon may cause discomfort or other complications arising from the underwire pressure. To be on the safe side, best to get clearance from your doctor.

  1. Be more adventurous

Having bypassed that low neckline wrap dress, the curve-hugging sweater or t-shirt in your past shopping escapades, it’s time to have fun in the fitting room trying out those very clothes that have caught your eyes ever since pre-breast augmentation procedure. Remember to check yourself out at different angles in different styles and if you’ve got a girlfriend tagging along, ask her to take some pictures so that you can view yourself in a different perspective. An afternoon shopping well-spent for the new you is a great pick-me-up confidence booster.

  1. Enhancing with accessories

Once your new wardrobe is stuffed to the max with smashing outfits, you should add some accessories to jazz up the mix. To bring attention to your neckline and new bust, try adorning long or layered necklaces that drapes against your chest but if you’re bold enough, why not try on attention-grabbing coloured chunkier necklaces? Wearing your business suit doesn’t have to be a yawning affair. A good idea would be to pin a stunning brooch onto the lapel slightly above the bust line or placing an attractive scarf around the lapels or tying it around your neck to draw further attention to the bust area without explicitly focusing on your breasts or cleavage. Remember, incorporating accessories into your dressing style helps you make a bold statement as well as adding fun to all your mornings.

  1. Don’t forget sunscreen protection

The most important thing after investing in a breast augmentation is to protect it from UV damage. As the chest and neck areas have thinner skin, it would be a shame to have your skin age prematurely due to overexposure from the sun. So apply a good sunscreen to visible skin areas focusing on your neck, chest and cleavage with a layer of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30, recommended by dermatologists to block up to 97% of UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburn, photo aging and minimising contribution to skin cancer. Enjoy your new curves After healing from your breast augmentation, before jetting excitedly off to your new wardrobe shopping trip, keep in mind to start off with clothes that’ll make you feel comfortable besides looking your best. Don’t force yourself to accept styles you’re not yet ready for. After all, you finally have the silhouette you have long wanted, give a little adjustment time for yourself to enjoy the realisation of a long-time dream. If you’re considering a breast augmentation, why not drop by our medical centre and have a comprehensive consultation with our skilled surgeon to find out if it’s right for you.

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