5 tips on choosing the best cosmetic surgeon

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon is vital to increase your chances of securing the best results after surgery procedures. It is a choice that should not be taken lightly as this makes a crucial impact on your life, as successful outcomes realizes your objectives of undergoing surgery in the first place. That is, to make yourself feel more comfortable with your body and exude greater confidence for years to come. Unfortunately, making a poor decision being in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon will take a huge emotional and physical toll on you besides additional costs, time and stress. Here are 5 tips to finding the best cosmetic surgeon for you.

1. Board Certification Finding a board certified cosmetic surgeon with immense experience in the selection of your procedure is critical in obtaining your desired results. A doctor’s board certification by the proper governing authority is the best indicator of his or her training in a particular surgical specialty. All cosmetic surgeons are uniquely qualified and specially trained, so do not take for granted that they are alike. Keeping yourself informed, checking credentials and records of your preferred cosmetic surgeon would be the primary step to ensure the after-surgery results you’re aiming for.

2. Procedure Experience Cosmetic surgeons have subspecialties within this field and because each area of cosmetic surgery requires different skills, be sure that he or she has plenty of experience in your choice of cosmetic surgery that you plan to have. You should consider the training of the procedure the cosmetic surgeon has, how long he or she has been performing this procedure and the amount of times the surgery has been performed. Better yet, ask to look at before and after photos of your surgeon’s patients. Check the consistency of your doctor’s results for all patients who’ve had undergone the procedure you are contemplating.

3. Emotional Connection You will be spending a fair bit of time with your cosmetic surgeon, both before and after surgery. Therefore you’ll need to feel very comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon. Interview and discuss about your look to ascertain if the cosmetic surgeon shares your aesthetic views. It’s almost like building a successful relationship based on good communication. Some positive indicators that this cosmetic surgeon is your likely choice would be that:-

  • you like spending time with this surgeon
  • you trust the surgeon’s recommendation on what’s right and safe for you
  • you feel comfortable asking any questions about the whole process of the surgery
  • you feel at ease disclosing your full medical history and habits to this surgeon (which is very important, safety-wise)

4. Operating Facility Your safety during surgery depends wholly on your cosmetic surgeon’s operating facility and finding out about the facility’s accreditation would be a smart move to ensure that any complications can be swiftly dealt with in case of emergency. Well-equipped life support systems are a must in this factor and enquiring about your anaesthetist’s qualifications receives a thumbs-up! Assurance of your cosmetic surgeon’s hospital privileges is also advantageous if you are undergoing surgery in an outpatient location. It would be great if you don’t need it, otherwise it could be a life-saver. In the event of recuperating overnight or a few days in your cosmetic surgeon’s facility centre, make sure it provides round-the-clock care by licensed staff members and an emergency plan ready to be executed for your wellbeing.

5. Aftercare Service Good surgical care does not end with surgery. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about post-surgery follow-up visits and policies regarding revision surgery should it be necessary. Furnishing you with helpful materials that fully prepare you for the risks and realities of surgery and recovery is a positive sign of your doctor’s commitment to meet the best needs of each patient.

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