Facial Cleanser Oxygen Bubble


This 2 in 1 product, apart from functioning as a milk cleanser, also functions as a facial wash. Contains botanical ingredients Moringa pterygosperm as an anti-pollutant with a unique Micro-Bubble technology, where the oxygen content in each micro buble can clean to the bottom of the skin pores.

How to use: – Pour sufficient amount into the palms then apply evenly to the entire face . When applying, try not to rub it repeatedly, just rub it in the direction of 1 evenly. A few seconds after applying it to the face, foam will appear (bubble). Wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minute until a lot of foam (bubble) is evenly formed. – Clean the foam using a facial tissue to remove dirt and make-up on the face, then rinse with water. Pat dry lightly with a clean tissue or towel.


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