Remove Unwanted Fats From Your Body Parts With Our Personalized Liposuction Treatment

Our liposuction treatment helps you remove stubborn fat from your body parts that cannot be lost through exercise and diet alone. We are here to help you achieve your perfect shape & figure.

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Liposuction is suitable for men and women. Liposuction, also known as body contouring, lipoplasty, liposculpture suction, lipectomy, or simply just lipo to some, is a surgical procedure that removes your stubborn fat effectively from specific areas. In a typical liposuction procedure, fat is removed using suction and a small tube called a cannula. A small incision will be made near the area to be treated to allow the cannula to fit through the skin. It helps to improve the appearance and allows us to precisely sculpt your body to your desired aesthetic goals.

Who Needs It

Experienced Extreme Weight Loss

Genetic & Hormonal Flabby Skin

Achieve Perfer

Weakness In Abdominal Muscles

2 Types Of liposuction

Tumescent liposuction

The most common type of liposuction. The surgeon will start by injecting a sterile saline solution – a mixture of salt water, which aids fat removal, an anaesthetic (lidocaine) to relieve the pain and a drug (epinephrine) that helps the blood vessel to constrict – into the area that’s being treated.

The surgeon then makes small incisions into your skin in pre-marked areas and inserts a cannula (thin tube) into your skin. The cannula is connected to a vacuum that suctions fats and fluids from your body. Meanwhile, your body fluid will be replenished through an intravenous line.

Laser-assisted liposuction (LAL)

This particular method uses a laser light to break down the fats for removal. It is a less invasive and bloody procedure than traditional liposuction method. During the procedure the surgeon inserts the laser fiber through a small incision in the skin and liquifies fat deposits by laser energy and heat, the melted fat is then removed via cannula (thin tube).

Areas that liposuction could be done

Benefits Of Liposuction

Flatter Stomach & Narrower Waistline

Because the abdominal muscles are tightened during the procedure, you get a result that is naturally leaner overall.

Better Fit for Clothes

Your stomach will be smoother and more streamlined, allowing you to find clothing that fits more attractively and comfortably.

Permanent results

Effects of lipo can be very long-lasting so long as the patient’s weight does not greatly increase any time after the procedure., as once the fat cells have been removed, they will not return.

Special Promo : 20% OFF (Rebate Up To RM3,800) for all Liposuction procedures + Complimentary Surgeon Consultation

Why Choose Us

Over 7 Medical Centers & Clinics

Beverly Wilshire has over 7 branches within 9 years. We have been making high-quality treatment accessible to as many people as possible since 2012.

Experienced Team of Doctors & Specialists

Everyone has a fear of surgery. That is why highly experienced board-certified surgeons with over 25 years of experience are specialized to be able to handle your safety needs carefully.

World-Class Facilities

We have the expertise of a team of highly skilled specialists, supported by the industry’s advanced technologies and world-class facilities to ensure clients’ optimal outcome.​

Our Proven Track Record

A proven record of excellent results. We are proud that over 4,500 customers are satisfied with our surgery. This is why we always focus on customer expectation and satisfaction, performing personalized surgery according to individual needs.

Our Credentials

Years of experience
25 +
Medical Centres & Clinics
7 +
Satisfied Customers
4500 +

Meet our top surgeons

Dato’ Dr Abdul Jalil Jidon

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon
(Medical Director of BWMC KL)

Dr Mohamad Nasir Zahari


Dato’ Dr David Cheah Sin Hing

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon
(Medical Director of BWMC JB)

Dr Suzanna Malik

(BW in house anaesthetist)

hear what others have to say

Flora Lee Mei Yun

Top aesthetic medical centre in Malaysia. They have lots of experienced and professional doctors and friendly staffs. Won lots of awards and provides best quality treatments and services. Highly recommended!

Linda Robson

I have had a wonderful experience with every aspect of this clinic. The Nurses, Dr Jalil and my consultant Kiran have all been amazing. I can highly recommend this Clinic. Very professional & 5 star!

Jan-jannie Loudette Vicencio​

I had an awesome experience! Beverly Wilshire medical center is really luxurious! Their rooms for their clients are amazing. I was really impressed with the doctors. Thank you for letting me try your rejuvenating mask!

Maja Sieroń

It's amazing how hospital can looks, customers are treated very individual and they can feel like in 5 stars hotel with the best and professional doctors and staff. For sure I can recommend this clinic for everyone!​

Anna Berglund

The knowledge and experience of the doctors at Wilshire are top of the line and the rest of the staff will take care of you and make you feel like home right away. Thanks for the hospitality and this overall amazing experience today. Best Regards Miss Sweden!​

Hazells Tan

Had a wonderful events with BWMC. Knowing the facts that this medical centre is an Awards Winning medical centre in the beauty industry, I would say all of the doctors and staffs are so friendly and all guests feel like home when they are in BWMC!

our resultS speak for themselveS

our resultS speak for themselveS

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Special Promo : 20% OFF (Rebate Up To RM3,800) for all Liposuction procedures + Complimentary Surgeon Consultation

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